There are actually two owners of Fat Eddie Biker Wear, although they get a ton of help from the family, they get the credit for coming up with biker wear that isn't designed to represent any one particular bike manufacturer, but just riders in general.

Two guys, watching football saw a commercial that triggered some creativity and boo-ahhh - their ideas are now reality.  What's perfect about their partnership is their ability to think at opposite ends of the spectrum; in other words their talents don't bump into one another, and their personalities run along the same path: Family, friends, fun, bikes, beer and football.  Both have integrity, ambition, loyalty and are honest (sometimes to honest.)

I personally don't think either will become millionaires, for a few reasons: they are generous, caring, and will never try to turn a dime into a dollar by  taking advantage of a situation.

Rumor does have it that at one time one of the Fat Eddie partners was known all over Queen Creek for owning the "Kracker Shak" just a place to stop for a beer, pole dance and be with other Bikers.  For those of you that remember those days drop an email to us with one specific memory you have of the "ole daze."

The designs are for Bikers - Bikers that rideHonda's, Harley's, Yamaha's BMW Bikes, American made German made, made in Italy, France, Japan,  Custom designs, Choppers, Triumphs, Kawasaki, any rider any bike.  Not only for riding around town or touring the country up Route 66 - it's so all riders can where designs that represent the freedom of owning a bike and riding the road.

We, at Fat Eddie Biker Wear, hope you enjoy our current line of T-Shirts and check back for new designs. With that in mind - our promise to the first 1,000 customers that buy Fat Eddie Biker Wear helping us to grow will be the only members of  F.E.F. (Fat Eddie Family) guaranteed to never pay any price increase on our T-shirts for the rest of your life. (Non-Transferable) When you receive your first order we'll include a special ID number that you'll use to order your shirts.  And when we're able to start a full line of Fat Eddie Biker Wear clothing  - which is our goal, we'll give our "Family" members first notice with a 10% discount. 
(For those of you that have already purchased Fat Eddie Biker Wear, drop us an email and let us know where you purchased the shirt, include your mailing address and you'll be the first to receive your special ID number.)
The video below represents bikes that have been
modified and those that are typical and those
you may be dreaming of owning one day.
Whatever bike fits your style Fat Eddie Biker Wear
allows you the freedom of being a biker and riding
the bike of your choice.

The designs we have are only the beginning, and the crew
encourages you to help with our next design.  So when
you are done watching the video vote on the

shirt you'd like to see available next.
KEEP IN MIND, the drawings are just that,
paper drawings scanned in for your vote.

  Enjoy our line, watch it grow and please offer your suggestions.


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